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A. Millet, S. Pautet, Sciences et techniques (1500-1789), Neuilly, Atlande, 2016

The history of science and technology has been the subject of a number of general works, especially for the medieval and modern periods. However few of these works offer materials incorporating the new methodological trends developed by historians of science and technology. The original source materials included in this book reveal the inner working of early modern workshops and laboratories and explore contemporary controversies. They also provide materials for the understanding of the socio-cultural frameworks of innovation practices and processes in the early modern period. The new 2017 collection features for the first time contents that span a broad chronological and geographical space, entitled ‘Science, technology, government and corporations, from the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century in England, France, Netherlands / United Provinces and Italian peninsula’. This collection of documents help French historians  to acquire a rich vision of the history of scientific and technical knowledge between the late Middle Ages and the end of the modern period, and explore its interactions with the social, political and cultural sphere.

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Textile History

Textile History is an internationally recognised, peer reviewed journal and one of the leading publications in its field. It is viewed as an important outlet for current research. Published in the spring and autumn of each year, its remit has always been to facilitate the publication of high-quality research and discussion in all aspects of scholarship arising from the history of textiles and dress.

Since its foundation the scope of the journal has been substantially expanded to include articles dealing with aspects of the cultural and social history of apparel and textiles, as well as issues arising from the exhibition, preservation and interpretation of historic textiles or clothing. Textile History reviews a wide cross-section of books from all parts of the world, dealing with any aspect of textile and clothing history; the Book Reviews Editor is happy to consider books for review that have been published in any of the languages which fall within the bounds of scholarship in its fields.

Textile History welcomes high-quality submissions based on original research from a wide range of scholarly perspectives including economic, social, art, design and cultural history, as well as material culture studies from a historical perspective. Submissions from both established and younger scholars are welcome.

The journal regularly publishes Exhibition Reviews and Object Lessons; the former offer important discussion of major public exhibitions of dress and textiles, while the latter element of the journal illustrates the ways in which the study of objects can inform analysis in scholarly research. The Research Notes section is intended for brief comments or limited discussion of particular issues not requiring a major article.

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Fashion theory

The importance of studying the body as a site for the deployment of discourses is well-established in a number of disciplines. By contrast, the study of fashion has, until recently, suffered from a lack of critical analysis. Increasingly, however, scholars have recognized the cultural significance of self-fashioning, including not only clothing but also such body alterations as tattooing and piercing. Fashion Theory takes as its starting point a definition of “fashion” as the cultural construction of the embodied identity. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for the rigorous analysis of cultural phenomena ranging from footbinding to fashion advertising.


Valerie Steele, Director, The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, USA

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Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

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Peter McNeil, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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Rebecca Arnold, Courtauld Institute of Art, UK
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Akiko Fukai, Kyoto Costume Institute, Japan
Pamela Golbin, Musée de la Mode et du Textile, France
Susan Kaiser, University of California at Davis, USA
Vicki Karaminas, Massey University, New Zealand
Yuniya Kawamura, Fashion Institute of Technology, USA
Dorothy Ko, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA
Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion, UAL, UK
John S. Major, The China Institute, USA
Peter McNeil, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Patricia Mears, The Fashion Institute of Technology, USA
Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada
Nicole Pellegrin, Institut d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine, CNRS, France
Philippe Perrot, École des Hautes Études, France
Regina A. Root, The College of William and Mary, USA
Simona Segre Reinach, University of Bologna, Italy
Ulinka C. Rublack, University of Cambridge, UK
Lou Taylor, University of Brighton, UK
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Barbara Vinken, Hamburg University, Germany
Claire Wilcox, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK, and London College of Fashion, UK
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