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A. Millet, S. Pautet, Sciences et techniques (1500-1789), Neuilly, Atlande, 2016

The history of science and technology has been the subject of a number of general works, especially for the medieval and modern periods. However few of these works offer materials incorporating the new methodological trends developed by historians of science and technology. The original source materials included in this book reveal the inner working of early modern workshops and laboratories and explore contemporary controversies. They also provide materials for the understanding of the socio-cultural frameworks of innovation practices and processes in the early modern period. The new 2017 collection features for the first time contents that span a broad chronological and geographical space, entitled ‘Science, technology, government and corporations, from the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century in England, France, Netherlands / United Provinces and Italian peninsula’. This collection of documents help French historians  to acquire a rich vision of the history of scientific and technical knowledge between the late Middle Ages and the end of the modern period, and explore its interactions with the social, political and cultural sphere.

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